Membership Criteria

The following criteria will be considered in determining membership in the Washington Higher Education Secretariat:

  1. The organization serves, through membership, postsecondary institutions and/or organizations of postsecondary institutions, and/or of professionals associated with postsecondary institutions.
  2. The mission of the organization must demonstrate how it would contribute to and actively engage in the work of the Secretariat.
  3. The organization must normally have a minimum of 50 member institutions and/or 5,000 individual members.
  4. The organization monitors and/or influences national policy issues for its members.
  5. The organization holds federal tax-exempt status.
  6. The organization is a member of ACE (any category).
  7. The organization has a significant presence in the Washington, DC area.
  8. As part of the application process, the prospective member must provide letters of nomination from five Secretariat CEOs referencing how the organization would contribute to work of the Secretariat.
  9. Members must pay annual dues which cover speaker travel, monthly meetings and the annual retreat, compensation survey and expenses.